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Founded in 2010, FeedARead has now helped over a thousand authors in Australia publish simply, professionally and quickly, with higher royalties than the largest publishers.

Please click here to view our author testimonials about our book quality. FeedARead author achievements two Amazon Top Ten paperbacks, with books printed here in Australia, and also in the US, UK, and Europe for readers in those countries.

It is free to upload and list your paperback for sale on FeedARead, you can also choose to list your book for sale on the largest bookseller sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble for only $Aus175

To begin, simply join FeedARead.com for free, and the site will take you through the simple steps to publish. Our site faqs are listed here.

FeedARead.com Publishing - It is free to join and it is free to set-up your book for publishing.
FeedARead publishing service enables all writers of different nationalities to publish writing of any kind, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and all other types of writing. It is free to join and it is free to set-up your book for publishing and sell your book through FeedARead with a free ISBN. You can also choose the paid distribution service if you wish to make your book available to order through leading booksellers throughout the world including Amazon. Our printers have the largest global distribution network of their kind with over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries to ensure your book will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. This means that a bookstore quality paperback copy of each author’s book is printed each time a book is ordered by a reader anywhere in the world. 

Feedback from Leading Publishers

FeedARead's top ten selling authors' opening chapters receive free feedback every 4 months from the publishers of some of the world’s bestselling authors, including Random House and Orion, the publishers of Dan Brown, Terry Pratchett and John Grisham. The aims of FeedARead.com, which were established with Arts Council funding, are to enable writers to publish with high royalties, and to give opportunities for talented new authors to be considered and to receive feedback on their work from leading mainstream publishers to help develop further and have further opportunities.

Feedback from our authors about publishing with FeedARead

"I found FeedARead to be a most meticulous and professional publisher."
Iain Johnstone, former film critic of The Sunday Times and co-writer with John Cleese of the film Fierce Creatures.

"The book's just arrived and I'm very pleased - I was made aware of FeedARead via the Writers' Guild - I'm very glad about that. It's a really professional job."
Kevin McCann - Author of It’s Gone Dark.

“The self-publication process at FeedARead is simplicity itself. Given a clean Word file, cover design and text, it can take less than an hour to compile an attractive paperback. What's more it's free and the product is superb. The printed book quality is consistent with any best-seller offered at bookshops. Technical support and professional assistance from FeedARead is responsive, helpful and very professional. This is self-publishing at its best.”
Geoffrey Mann - Author of In Pieces.

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