Dear Authors

We will be making royalty payments during next week for the last 6 month royalty period. Please ensure your Paypal email address is up to date by 30th April 2012 by adding or updating your Paypal email address as required on the feedaread site as outlined below. The system will make payments to the Paypal email address you put in place for each book you publish on site, so it is the author’s responsibility to ensure they enter the correct Paypal email address on your private book page for which you wish any due payments to be made to. Paypal is the world’s largest online payment system, and the media report that they have had some temporary issues with their online payment systems including, for example, with their company eBay in the last few weeks. As Paypal are a billion dollar company we expect they will be putting all the necessary resources into resolving their issues very soon. The additional time above is for authors to check they have entered their Paypal email address.

To enter or update a Paypal email address on FeedARead for your book(s), please ensure each of your published books for sale has your correct Paypal email address entered for it as outlined below:

Login to FeedARead, click the Go button next to each published book title, then click View next to Book Royalties & Pricing on each of your books pages, then at the bottom of the Royalties page is a box to enter or update your correct Paypal email address for each of your published books. Please be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Royalties page. To ensure you have then saved the correct Paypal email address, repeat the steps above and you should see the Paypal email address you have saved or updated.

Thank you for publishing with FeedARead, it’s been a very exciting time during the last 6 months publishing everyone’s books, and we hope you have enjoyed the publishing experience too. We’re looking forward to adding additional functions as the site develops further to assist further with author sales.

Best wishes

The FeedARead Team