Dear FeedARead Member

We wish you a very Happy Christmas holiday, and New Year, and hope that this time if watching The Great Escape on TV that more of the prisoners actually escape!

Our Christmas Holiday closed dates are as follows: - 24th December to 7th January inclusive. Book orders made via the site will be processed as normal during the above period, and authors can also still upload book files and covers during this period as normal on the site, however mail replies or any other queries will resume after the holiday period listed above.  You can also consult our extensive FAQs via our homepage.

This includes a period for programming staff to add more book files automation and administration during the holiday period. Details of book submissions guidelines on the site are in the next paragraph. If your book is already in bookseller distribution, your book can also be ordered as normal at booksellers such as Amazon at all times. Amazon order and stock according to their own procedures.

NEW AUTHORS Welcome. When preparing book files and cover images please view the submission guidelines by logging on to FeedARead and view the Cover and Manuscript guidelines and requirements on the left hand menu. These include correctly sized publishing templates to paste your book into. Book files can only be published if they meet these guidelines. If you find you have not uploaded a file correctly before publishing, you can login to FeedARead at any time, and click the Edit button next to your book title, and then the View/Change button next to Book Interior or Book Cover to upload a new file. This will replace your current one. The system is programmed to size your images for covers correctly for you in the Cover Creation step. Please be sure to add cover text on front, back and spine either on your uploaded images or via the buttons to add text on the cover creation page. If you submitted a cover image without doing this, you can edit your cover as outlined above.

We will resume publishing books via the printers after the holiday period, and look forward to publishing your book in the current publishing round.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

The FeedARead Team