Dear Authors

We are very pleased to have added some new promotion functions on FeedARead for your published book(s). If you login you will see a Start New Promotion menu on the left hand menu.

If you click this button, you will be presented with a page which shows you the type of promotions you can run to help assist to get further book sales. The functions are ones you use yourself to help promote your published books further, and once you start to set-up a promotion via ‘Start New Promotion’ the system will take you through the simple step by step process.

For example, you can run a competition for people to read an extract of your book and leave their email address for an opportunity to win a copy of your book. Choose how many book prizes you want to offer, and our step-by-step guide will take you through the whole process. The system will then enable you to post a link to your competition on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then, when the competition is over, the system will automatically pick a winner or winners from your competition’s entrants and email them a link that they can click on to claim their book prize, and the system also takes care of delivery.

Whenever you have book news you can also click on ‘Start New Promotion’ to promote your book on sites like Facebook and Twitter and your posts will automatically include a link to your book sale page.

Best wishes
The feedaread team