Dear FeedARead Readers and Authors

Firstly, hello to reader members (again!) and thank you for perusing and reading our authors books!

For site authors, your latest royalty statements for the six months up to September 30th 2012 are now displayed on your book pages by logging in to FeedARead, then click the 'My Royalties' button on the left hand menu to view your latest royalty report. The latest due royalty payments will be made by 31st October 2012. Important Note: Please be sure to add your paypal email address if not yet added so payment can be made if a payment is listed on your royalty report page as due to you. Click on the yellow 'My Royalty Payments' button on the left hand menu when logged in to add your paypal email address.

If you haven't added your paypal email address as above before receiving this email, then if a payment is due to you please email once you have added it so that any due payment can be made.

We have added a new advanced system, whereby the royalty reports are read directly from printer reports automatically to ensure speed and reliability, which involved some extra days in the normal length of the reporting period as we also did a lot of manual checking of this new system which works very well as well as updating the report formatting.

Thank you to all authors who have published with, and twenty-five percent of site profits go back into the site so we look forward to adding further functions over the coming months to help further increase author sales. For the next few months we are concentrating on further admin functions for book processing, and then we will progress to adding further features for readers and authors. We will also continue with feedback for the ten highest selling books from Random House and Orion, publishers of authors such as Dan Brown and John Grisham, and the aim of the site over time is that we will see talented new authors develop further and also make the leap through this route to mainstream publishing.

Best wishes

Thefeedaread team