12 Ghostly Tales

This ghostly collection brings together all 12 stories from "A Spirited Evening and Other Stories" and "The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories" in one volume. Light a candle, and draw close to the fire. Let me tell you of the things that wait in the shadows, of those who dwell in the places abandoned by man. Let me tell you of ghosts and magic, of demons and vengeance. Lean in and listen to the cry of the wind; or is it the wind? But these are only stories; there's nothing to fear in the darkness, and the things you see when you close your eyes are just dreams, aren't they? Go ahead; put out the light.. Contents: The White Lady, Three Knocks, A Spirited Evening, The Darkness Within, The Haunted Chamber, The Inn by the Crossroads, Sir Henry’s Folly, The Crying Ghost, Shadows, A Most Unusual Disturbance, Reflections on a Malady, Lifting the Veil
ISBN: 9781786979131
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 236
Published: 27 July 2017
Price: $12.65

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