A Blackbird’s Year: Mind in Nature

A Blackbird’s Year was written on foot while reading nature's story. Through rich and intense imagery, the writer dissolves into the local landscape, with the writing itself shaping a creative consideration of mind in nature. Bounded by the blackbird's song, this is a story of unearthing a unity of life, mind and nature. For a journey of discovery is not just to wild landscapes, but finding wilderness in simple places close to home. “A Blackbird’s Year is significant as a new experiment in creative thought and for furthering our understanding of contemporary nature connection. The book explores how mind and nature inhabit one another – how experiencing nature illuminates the subtle nature of being and the processes of mind. Guided by the philosophy of the Victorian naturalist and philosopher Richard Jefferies, this atmospheric and unique account takes time to consider the reality of individual trees, birds, and other natural phenomena.” - Dr Rebecca Welshman – co-author Richard Jefferies: an Anthology (2010).
ISBN: 9781785101281
Type: Paperback
Pages: 156
Published: 29 September 2014
Price: $11.95

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