A Memorial to War

As children both Yousef and Marianna are victims of varying types of violence and repression. At ten years old Yousef finds himself trapped in a world of terrorism but his attempts to escape come to nothing until the night of Sept 11th 2001. He has knowledge of the terrifying and genocidal plans of the terror cell and desperately tries to warn the authorities. He becomes aware of a special destiny in store for him but is then beset by an altogether different set of difficulties. From childhood Marianna must also endure exposure to evil, this time both from within and from an unknown, unseen source, always mirrored in her life. She knows nothing of what is happening to her, or why. Their destinies are now shared and their enemies still at large.
ISBN: 9781839450235
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 9 October 2019
Price: $12.95