A Strange Kind of Madness

A Strange Kind of Madness Romantic Comedy. The story is told through the eyes of Lucy, a fifty year old lady, who refuses to give in to loneliness, after being estranged from her family. She is obsessed with doing housework, gardening and crafts, the later of which often goes disastrously wrong. Her quiet life is turned up-side down as the new neighbours prove to be difficult, accusing her of kidnapping their cat,and of causing an environment disaster. Then her estranged husband returns and after squandering most of what is left of her savings, he has a heart attack and dies. As she is short of money, she decides on a green burial in her garden. But the man that has moved in next door is quite attractive and tries to make friends with Lucy. At first she resists but just as she is warming to Fred she finds she has competition in Rachel, the daughter of another neighbour who has recently departed. Lucy does not want trouble from Fred’s other half, Barbara, but finds that she is jealous of Fred’s attention to Rachel. While trying to cheer herself up by making gypsy tart, Lucy manages to burn down the kitchen and the offer to re-house her by the council does not go down well. Then the wayward cat returns and this allows for a temporary truce between her and the neighbours. Fred and Lucy become friends again when Barbara goes to visit a relative and when it snows heavily they help each other out by making bread, an act Lucy finds very disturbing. After Lucy falls down a hole, dug by the water board and is immobilised, she takes the time to write a list of things that she would like to achieve when she is back on her feet. But it doesn’t all go her way. She gets banned from an IT lesson at the library, arrested at the council dump and when she attempts to learn to swim, the instructor has a breakdown. But it was Lucy’s decision to clear out the rest of her husbands’ things that had the biggest impact on her sanity. In her attic she finds boxes of stolen property, and Fred, who then admits to being a policeman, recognises some of the items. She is questioned and finds out that her dead husband Bill, a prolific burglar, and her, were not really married. The situation goes from bad to worse when her gardener lets a tree fall on the shed, which is found to contain in a hidden floor, the proceeds from a bank robbery. Lucy and Fred friendship goes sour, until Lucy rescues Barbara’s cat which has fallen down the chimney. They grow closer again but Lucy is still denying that she is attracted to Fred, even when she ends up sharing a bed with him. Finally, with a twist of fate Barbara informs Lucy that Fred is not her husband but her brother. Now love can blossom, but before they can truly be together Lucy is taken hostage by someone that thinks the spoils of the Bank raid are hidden in her house. With Fred away, Lucy apprehends the gang member with the help of a hosepipe, a white lie and a lot of bravado. Now Lucy and Fred can marry but if Fred thinks that life with Lucy is going to be mundane, he is in for a big shock.
ISBN: 9781788763806
Type: Paperback
Pages: 206
Published: 30 May 2018
Price: $12.65

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