All Things End in Yes

Arrogant food critic Manu Zand has unexpectedly lost his sense of taste and smell. With gourmet lifestyle now in disarray his attention is diverted to a strange inscription in an old Persian carpet. The trail lures him to Iran, the country he fled as a young boy after the Iranian Revolution, and a place he has been avoiding since his childhood. Once there, Zand unravels a mysterious tale of love and betrayal in the capital’s bazaar, during the modernising aftermath of the Second World War. Where a master carpet merchant, involved in oil protests against the British, is struggling to keep his wayward daughter who is caught in the cusp of Westernisation and cultural change, under control. As the chronicle unfolds, the senseless Zand is forced to confront his own buried past and finds himself unprepared for the consequences of his discoveries. This is a novel which weaves together two family sagas through the journey and mystery of an exquisite Persian rug, uniting elements of historical fiction, romance and politics - across the international divide.
ISBN: 9781782994572
Type: Paperback
Pages: 256
Published: 20 May 2013
Price: $12.95