This book has the truth of vaccines, the people behind the vaccines and their agendas, they are members of the two fallen angel royal Israelite Davidic bloodlines, a cult of blood sacrifice, the truth that the vaccines are not just to cull and mass murder 90% of humanity, but to put nano technologies in your body to delete your ancestral information and rewrite your DNA, then you are not the original DNA strain of human on earth, the fallen angel bloodlines corporations then can patent and own you. Their main agenda is to stop you and humanities future children from accessing your schematic blueprint in your DNA, that allows you to open and access your eternal light body, allowing you to stop the cycles of life and death, and allowing you to ascend. This means you can be fully embodied living on a 4th/5th dimensional earth but able to travel in the stars, the cosmos in the hyper-dimensional matrix at will via instant teleportation, and by opening a sixty foot field of light around your body and travelling through the sun filaments from solar system to solar system. Vaccines are biological weapons of war against you and your children against humanity, against eternal immortal light being angels manifesting in to earth to have a human experience. The elite royal fallen angel cult are evil, they are a death cult of mass murder, genocide to all cultures and faiths on earth, for they are an invading extraterrestrial parasite race of blood sacrifice.
ISBN: 9781839456091
Type: Paperback
Pages: 100
Published: 3 December 2020
Price: $10.25

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