“Every civilized human being, whatever his conscious development, is still an archaic man at the deeper levels of his psyche.” Carl Jung I’ve long been fascinated by the concept of Carl Jung’s ‘bush soul’ whereby a human’s second soul is believed in some cultures to inhabit a wild creature, or tree, of the bush. In his trip to the tribes around Mount Elgon between Kenya and Uganda, Jung found in what was looked upon as primitive psychology, people had a physical experience of their souls as being ‘in’ the flora and fauna of the world about them. For example: in West Africa there is a belief that a person has more than one soul and that there is a type of soul, called the ‘bush soul’, that dwells within a wild animal of the bush. An avatar can serve as a place for that bush soul – and through the avatar a person enters a world that is ‘alive’ and responsive.
ISBN: 9781803025841
Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Published: 29 July 2022
Price: $10.25

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