After sixteen years as a drug runner, Jackson Stiles leaves that sinister part behind to pursue the woman of his dreams. A brutal murder takes her away just a year and a half after and leads Jackson to drinking, sex, and fighting in search of her murderer. He lands himself in legal trouble after a bloody pub brawl. While searching for a way to clear his name. Stone, Cline & Mason, a prestigious law firm in Dublin is his answer. But when he meets his lawyer for the first time, she is not at all what he expected. Wynter Mason is a stunning, young woman with porcelain skin and jet black hair and eyes as blue as the purest glacier. Not sure if he wants to bring another woman into his life, Jackson has a choice to make - take a risk, or let her go.
ISBN: 9781786978806
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 8 July 2017
Price: $12.50

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