Biblical Love Psychology

A fascinating psychology which is applicable to all. Its uniqueness is centered on its practical revelations and timeless applications of the information given here to all forms of love relationships, the keyword here being "LOVE". For this reason, this book is in no way a relationship manual or guide but an eye opener to love which complements other psychologies already in place by including other elements such as 'the perfect square formula' and 'the love graph'. It doesn't just stop here, it brings to light, love as an evidence of God's existence while also addressing controversial issues, ranging from God's existence to doctrinal issues. If God is love, why the existence of hell? Does that make sense? What is the significance of Love in the trinity, in Blasphemy, the love for Animals, material things such as money etc. Does this biblical love give the man the effrontery to subject the woman to his will? Does it give the front runners of feminism a case? Why does man even need redemption in the first place. These are issues and many more, addressed as you go through this book. Funom Theophilus Makama is a prolific writer, novelist, poet and medical practitioner. He is the writer of the following books: The soul Talkers, The Bastard Citizen and The Devil's Orchid.
ISBN: 9781782994008
Type: Paperback
Pages: 258
Published: 19 December 2019
Price: $13.08

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