This is the fifth volume, in the ‘Letter From Russia’ series. It contains excerpts starting from April 2005 through until the end of 2011. In it you can read about how the Kingdom message is being spread in modern day Russia, despite opposition from those who are in control of the country and vestiges of post-soviet mentality. We get an exciting update on the progress in Stepanopel. From the end of 2009 you can read about the developments in Shalgantash, an area of Russia that is a Semi-Autonomous Respublik. Here Russian, Shalgantashian, Zhemaitian and Chuvashian are spoken. A large part of the population is nominally Moslem. Wonderful experiences are being had. This area is still largely untouched and it is truly exciting to read about the work there in the final part of the harvest.
ISBN: 9781782990987
Type: Paperback
Pages: 306
Published: 17 January 2013
Price: $12.95

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