Autumn 83 AD. At the battle of Mons Graupius the Roman army led by Governor Agricola destroys the Caledonian confederation that has formed to oppose the Roman invasion. In the aftermath of the battle a Caledonian boy reveals a secret that has the potential to change Roman strategy in the north forever. Marcus, an auxiliary Roman cavalry soldier is ordered to investigate and promptly disappears into the remote trackless wastes of the north. In Rome his estranged father and retired Legionary, Corbulo sets out to redeem himself and to find his only son and bring him home. So starts an adventure that will take Corbulo to the remotest parts of Caledonia and plunge him into the low intensity conflict that is raging between the scattered Caledonian war bands and the Roman forts and garrisons of Agricola's occupying army. Corbulo will need all his wits and experience to fend off hostile and proud Barbarian warriors, a group of murderous mercenaries and the lure of a dazzling prize.
ISBN: 9781782995630
Type: Paperback
Pages: 351
Published: 21 June 2013
Price: $14.50

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