Carp Fishing

More and more anglers spend time fishing in France nowadays than ever before. For most of them, it involves spending a week or so on one of the many commercial waters. These lakes give the anglers a realistic chance to catch a very large fish, and provide a lot of enjoyment to a great number of people, but there is another way. We have all dreamt about owning our own lake, and for most of us, that`s what it is – Just a dream. It is possible however, to have the next best thing. Imagine fishing in out of the way places where you may well be the only angler on the lake for most of the time, and where you have no idea what you may catch next. In this book Steve tells of all the highs and lows that he experienced during a year spent fishing these lesser known waters in France. During the year he fished at ten different lakes, and caught some fantastic fish, some of which had barely ever seen a hook before, and yet the total cost of yearly permits for all ten lakes was probably less than what most angler pay to fish on a commercial lake for a week. This is a superb book, some parts full of humour, some parts tragic and some parts filled will pure elation, and is the sort of book that once started, it`s very hard to put down.
ISBN: 9781786103437
Type: Paperback
Pages: 184
Published: 19 November 2015
Price: $11.95

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