Haunted by the death of his wife and daughter, who died in a car he was driving, Jake Mann, a sexual obsessive, flees to the Catholic Church. After training as a Jesuit priest he is sent to Nigeria, there he suppresses his sexual desires for women. At his teaching mission he proves too radical for both the Church and the local security forces, getting involved as he does in protests against Big Oil, and discovering a talent for exorcism. Escaping with a 15-year-old Nigerian boy, following the final confrontation with a possessed police captain, Jake is given a ‘disgraced’ parish in Bristol, where he’s expected to fail. Heavy trouble finds him there following a series of savage and bizarre killings that echo those committed by the police captain. Jake becomes a suspect when the police discover he was having a secret affair with one of the victims. The most terrifying revelation for the exorcist is learning the identity of the darkest heart behind these killings. GFNewman is a double BAFTA award-winning creator of the highly successful BBC1 series Judge John Deed and the now famous Law and Order. He is the author of a number of successful novels including Crime and Punishment, Law and Order, Sir, You Bastard, Circle of Poison, The Nation’s Health, The List, and The Men With The Guns.
ISBN: 9781785104886
Type: Paperback
Pages: 347
Published: 2 March 2015
Price: $12.95