DIY Miracles is a collection of short stories that will confront your perception of reality and challenge your belief system. Being part of the genre of Magical Realism, my characters are people who experience a different reality from the one we call objective. Loss and bereavement are some of the recurring themes, as well as reincarnation and past life experiences. This book was written for those readers who are brave enough to explore their own psyche and by doing so achieve magical results. If we tap into our unconscious and follow our inner voice, miracles will happen in unexpected ways. Through the process of getting to know ourselves, we are instinctively drawn to new ways of living and thinking. Thus we access an inner wisdom that was previously inaccessible and find solutions to problems that seemed unsurmountable. In this way we are creating our own miracles and are forging a path that helps us to live a happy and fulfilled life. I sincerely hope that my fiction will provide readers with a new and exciting perspective on life which will lead to a better understanding of self and others.
ISBN: 9781786977748
Type: Paperback
Pages: 292
Published: 19 April 2017
Price: $12.42

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