Diamonds from Outer Space

By The Penny Brothers and Mark Penny and Jonathan Penny
The jungle drums are pounding again in darkest Finchley and only one man can answer the call to find the fabulous black diamond and right a terrible wrong before the deadly men in furry hats get to it and him. Unfortunately he's on holiday so Hymie Goldman will have to do his pathetic best as usual. As Hymie says, you only need three things to be a great detective (or join the circus). First, always stay one step ahead of the guys with the guns (or stand behind Mike Murphy). Second, have an intuitive grasp of the latest crime detection methods and fourthly, be good with numbers. If the answer to these six questions is "none of the above" then your name must surely be Hymie Goldman.
ISBN: 9781784070250
Type: Paperback
Pages: 159
Published: 6 October 2013
Price: $11.95

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