Don't Play With Fire

When a set of inexplicable events unfolds, Cindy Smith’s world turns to ashes. The root of which is the premature death of Cindy’s beloved mum in an unsolved arson attack. From a carefree life, Cindy has been forced into servitude by her vile stepfather Lenny, a notorious Brighton gangster. Battered and afraid, Cindy is too scared to either ask for aid or seek any kind of refuge. But when the flow of Cindy's life shifts once more - courtesy of an unidentified man whom Cindy only recognises from a hidden photograph - the vicious path which her reality takes is least expected, above all by Cindy herself. The question is: through all the lies, all the deceit, all the twisting turns, can Cindy come out unscathed?
ISBN: 9781785101922
Type: Paperback
Pages: 315
Published: 23 October 2014
Price: $16.11

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