The third novel in a Trilogy. It was a great circle, but when Jonathan finally met someone who would understand this he wasn't able to talk to him about it. His mind wasn't his own, but WHAT WAS IT THAT HAD TAKEN OVER? And had it taken over, and what could be done? There was something he could try, but if he dared it might fail, and that possibility was too terrifying to contemplate. It was an even greater fear than of the thing itself. At the beginning he hadn't had time to absorb the enormity of what he had been given - a Manor House. '...it was crazy! It was intoxicating, ...a huge responsibility. And what on earth was he doing, accepting such as thing?...' But how could he NOT have accepted this great gift? In anguished moments when Jonathan and Pamela are forced to confront the deeply painful truths between them he asks this question. Many things must have been in Pamela's mind, right from the beginning. But what could be done about this? If she had spoken could things have been different? Did Jonathan cause what happened, was it his fault? It's a story where many things come to an end, much of it was madness. But what happens with the great mystery that preoccupies Jonathan? He finally discovers something - utterly astonishing. The change is so great he cannot comprehend it. But then, how can he be sure of anything?
ISBN: 9781786979995
Type: Paperback
Pages: 326
Published: 10 April 2020
Price: $12.95

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