New waves of Light codes are emanating from The Heart of Creation. They are pulsing a message to All Life: "The time for purifying all that is not of the Light is waning. All are being called to awaken. All that was lost must be found, before returning to Wholeness". Melchizedek and The Cosmic Council of Twelve, together with Mother Earth, share their Wisdom, Knowledge and guidance, to a sleeping humanity. The 'Winds of Change' are upon us... Are you ready? About The Author: Claire is a teacher of metaphysics. She has been working with Prime Creator's Keys of Life, Keys of All Knowledge and Wisdom, and Keys to Deeper Truths and Infinite Awareness, to retrieve profound and often startling Truths, for the greater good of humanity. Come and join her on this journey of exploration. Your heart is your guiding Light. All that is revealed in this book, has been set out to help humanity resolve all perceived challenges, and achieve inner, and world Peace. "Anything is possible", Melchizedek guides,"Believe it is so!"
ISBN: 9781785105326
Type: Paperback
Pages: 110
Published: 10 February 2015
Price: $11.27