Fire Wizard

On a distant planet, Pell, the blacksmith's apprentice, watches terrified from the battlement as his castle is invaded by brigands. Their leader, a little man they call the Fire Wizard, and his ruthless captain, fire the gates and kill any who oppose them. Anna, the blacksmith's daughter, is kidnapped to force the her father to make weapons. The Fire Wizard takes her in a flash of light to a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains on Earth and leaves her there alone to fend for herself. Escaping from the castle through a drain, Pell finds his friend Rikan with the villagers hiding in the caves. Pell becomes the go-between the castle and the village and, when he discovers a network of secret passageways under the castle, they hatch a plan to retake the castle. Anna is exploring the cabin when grad student Michael knocks on the door. Intrigued by Anna, he stays for a while. From Stan's computer he learns that her captor is Stan Peters from Chicago, whose fire magic is really explosives. Michael decides to foil his evil plan by taking Anna out of there and they hurtle down the mountain in his SUV, dodging Stan's bullets.
ISBN: 9781785105784
Type: Paperback
Pages: 351
Published: 11 May 2015
Price: $12.95

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