Summer 105 AD. There has been no news from Marcus for over a year. On the Isle of Vectis, Marcus’s family are beginning to despair that he will ever return from his epic sea voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. At the Legionary Fortress of Deva Victrix, home of the Twentieth Legion, Marcus’s nineteen year old son, Fergus, a soldier, dreams of becoming like his grandfather, Corbulo; a hero of the Legion. And soon opportunity beckons. In faraway Dacia, war has broken out once more between proud Decebalus, King of the Dacians, and the Roman Empire. The Twentieth Legion, is ordered to send a vexillatio to the front, and dispatches Fergus’s company to the Danube. But with winter intervening to halt campaigning, Fergus finds himself posted to the Legionary fortress at Carnuntum, manning the Danube frontier and participating in an endless, brutal and savage fight for survival against Germanic war-bands who are raiding Roman land. In deepest winter, Fergus’s company is chosen to escort a Roman diplomatic mission, led by the Legate Hadrian. Journeying far beyond the Imperial borders and deep into Germania, the expedition heads for the sacred grove of the Vandals. And in the snowy, forested wilderness and bitter cold of the Sudeten mountains, Fergus will discover what it truly means to become a hero.
ISBN: 9781786975270
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 380
Published: 2 December 2016
Price: $12.95

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