Hibernia (Book Two of The Veteran of Rome Series)

Spring AD 86. All is not well in the Roman province of Britannia. Fierce and swift moving Hibernian pirates and slavers are harassing the western coasts of the island province and within the upper echelons of the Roman military and civilian establishment there are rumblings of discontent against the tyrannical rule of emperor, Domitian. In the burgeoning Roman settlement of Londinium, Corbulo, retired veteran of twenty five years service in the Twentieth Legion, has become a successful small businessman and built a new life for himself and his family. But when his closest friend and fellow veteran of the Twentieth goes missing Corbulo is drawn into a web of conspiracy and danger that turns him into a wanted man. Chased across the length of Britannia by the authorities and an old foe, Corbulo is forced into re-enlisting into a Roman battle group whose commander has received orders to cross the western sea and occupy Tara, capital of Hibernia. As the Roman expedition lands on Hibernian soil Roman arms will soon be tested to their limit and Corbulo in a bid to clear his name and save his family, will find himself travelling west to the very edge of the world. Hibernia is the second book in the Veteran of Rome Series of which Caledonia is the first book.
ISBN: 9781785104657
Type: Paperback
Pages: 296
Published: 13 January 2015
Price: $14.50

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