Houses, History & Humour (A British Estate Agent In France)

This is a journey, not only a travelogue but a 'workalogue!' Moving to France in 2002, the Writer (an Estate Agent from Hereford) immediately falls into a job. Totally immersed into a different culture, with completely alien work practices, it's also a story of survival against many odds. In 'the merde' from day one, it has its hilarious moments amongst the seriousness and kindness of les Français, not least her survivors from the Second World War. With clipboard and camera, first hand tales from Members of la Résistance, and a little bit of early British history thrown in for good measure, this is a book of many parts. A country's habits die hard, and fitting in doesn't always come easily, but arrival is splendid when it finally happens. Selling clients add daily frustration. This is a new game for the French, but one they are keen to profit from. Buying clients recount joyful and tearful tales in equal measure of why they are joining the Property Exodus from Great Britain. All is told as they are driven amongst the vineyards, corn and sunflower fields of Poitou Charentes, passing through towns where time has stood still, but are about to be invaded by les Anglais! One of them remains in France to this day and here's how it all happened ...
ISBN: 9781786102386
Type: Paperback
Pages: 340
Published: 1 November 2015
Price: $12.95

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