Humour is Good for Your Health

Writers have to be observant, and I do see the funny side of life, but I try to be sensitive. I hope I’m never judgemental towards anyone when writing and performing. Much of my material has featured on BBC Radio Kent and sometimes on East London Radio. They wouldn’t be allowed to broadcast my work if it wasn’t acceptable. It is important to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously and that is what I endeavour to do. I can assure you Humour is good for your heath. Seeing people smile, hearing them chuckle or even laugh out loud when performing my humorous poetry and monologues makes me happy. It means that the countless thousands of hours I’ve spent writing over the years has been worth all the effort. A smile is free and it’s infectious so let’s infect as many people as possible.
ISBN: 9781803029627
Type: Paperback
Pages: 92
Published: 30 October 2023
Price: $9.29

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