Winter AD 103. Marcus, veteran of twenty three years service in the 2nd Batavian Auxiliary Cohort, finally returns home to Britannia from serving with his unit on the Dacian frontier, to find that much has changed on his family farm. Fourteen years have passed since his father's murder but the wounds are still deep and painful. So when a new copy of his father's will surfaces, Marcus embarks on a seemingly hopeless quest to honour and fulfill Corbulo's final wish, an instruction to be buried alongside his old Legionary comrades, on the battlefield, where he once fought against Boudicca, the barbarian queen. Dogged, at every turn, by his own and his father's past, Marcus must go in search of Emogene, the druid who holds all the answers. As the trail leads him to the sprawling, booming city of Londinium Marcus makes an astonishing discovery that changes everything. Faced with a herculean challenge, Marcus must decide how far he will go for honour, and whether to follow Emogene to the secretive and mythical land of Hyperborea, an epic sea voyage across the Atlantic ocean, that no Roman sailor dares make.
ISBN: 9781786970411
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 394
Published: 9 June 2016
Price: $12.95

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