I Saw Dead People

I saw Dead People is a true account of my search to find out if death is the end. It all began soon after my brother was killed in a horrific road accident. My cousin woke in the middle of the night and saw him standing at the foot of her bed. My father’s watch stopped at the same time each night, the time of my brother’s death, about twenty minutes past two. Other paranormal activity led me to a deep and thorough search to find out if there was any truth in the claim that we do not actually die, but live on in another dimension of life. I Saw Dead People tells of some of my experiences over a twenty year period. It tells how I visited many famous mediums and attended many séances in an effort to discover if death is not the end. It tells how I left no stone unturned in my search for truth. It also tells how I saw dead people for myself.
ISBN: 9781784077259
Type: Paperback
Pages: 211
Published: 29 May 2014
Price: $12.89

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