I, me and myself - My life with autism

I have been living with my different perception, called autism, for over 40 years now. It means the world presents itself in a different way to me than it does to non-autistic people. It is not only my own autism I am living with but also the autism of my son who was diagnosed with early childhood autism when he was two and a half years old. He is what society often calls severely autistic but it needs to be said that his fundamental issues regarding autism are the same as mine. It is how each of us is able to compensate which creates the such a diversity. We are all different. That´s the first thing we have in common. The main aim of my book is to create more understanding for autistic people. It is my attempt to explain my autism. I hope to change the way non-autistic people view autism. I want people to stop thinking of autism as a disorder or a fault because it is not. Autism is a different perception and every autistic person is as unique as his or her perception. The book contains and explains many of my solutions and offers my very own A to Z of strategies and tools which you can try and combine to fit your needs. I do hope that you will feel better equipped and ready to face the challenge of being a fellow human to autistic people. With understanding each other comes the tolerance that will eventually lead to acceptance which is what all autistic people need the most.
ISBN: 9781786970503
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 9 June 2016
Price: $16.77

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