Life So Perfect

Maddie kissed Joe's cheek and whispered, "Steven’s not crazy Joe, he’s damaged. He’s hurt and broken, like everyone in this place. We're all broken, but never ever ruined.” Joe was determined not to make any friends -- not while he was in a psychiatric hospital, where everyone around him was crazy. His only concern was dealing with his own inner demons, demons that insisted death was his best option. That's why he latched on to Steven, his schizophrenic roommate who was considered the social leper among the crazies on the adolescent psyche ward. Hanging around that angry and deranged sixteen year old Native American meant everyone else would leave him alone, that's what Joe wanted. When Steven invited Maddie, a habitual liar and long time cutter, to join them at dinner one evening, everything changed. The lives of these three hurting and broken teenagers would become reluctantly entwined and lead to an unpredictable course of events where they would have to depend on one another to survive.
ISBN: 9781785107733
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 11 May 2015
Price: $11.99

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