Little Bo Peep and the Report of the Missing Sheep - A Play for Children.

There has been some unusual activity in Nursery Rhyme Land and Bo Peep has lost her beloved sheep Baabra and Baartie under suspicious circumstances. The Duke of York is brought in to lead the case and the play takes us on a ‘Who done it?’ style journey which culminates in a surprising outcome. There are a number of suspects including traditional nursery rhyme favourites like Humpty Dumpty, Wee Willie Winkie and the Queen of Hearts. It is action packed, funny and heart warming. The play is full of vibrant characters which children will be familiar with and will love to play. It has a large cast but could also be performed with a small group of actors using multi role play. Aimed at 7-13 year olds, but could equally be successfully staged by older children and adults for a young audience. From the playwright who wrote 'The Drama Pot' series.
ISBN: 9781788769228
Type: Paperback
Pages: 76
Published: 4 July 2019
Price: $10.46

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