Muslims' Conquest of New York City and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Scattered here and there in the Quran and the Books of Sunna—books in which the Prophet’s authentically-traced-back sayings and speeches are compiled—are numerous future incidents that, according to Muslims beliefs, will inevitably take place in the ordinary course of events before the coming of Doomsday. These Prophetical ahaddieth which bear signs or show plainly presages of the end’s time usually begin with the expressions “The Hour will not occur before …,” or “Before the coming of the Hour…,” followed by narrations or hints of a number of future events or, in some cases, natural phenomena, the occurrence of which will give—and has already given, indeed—to people obvious warnings that humankind’s worldly life is nearing its end. Being narrated by a wide number of the Prophet’s companions, and told by the Prophet himself on many different occasions, these ahaddieth may differ in their details from one to another, though they do not contradict, and the events they mentioning to—known to Muslims as the Presages of the Hour—are divided in Muslims’ writings into two main sections: the Minor Presages and the Superior Presages. The allotment of these presage-incidents into each division, nevertheless, not being established by the Prophet himself, is relatively varied, and even the array of their occurrence in future time is not for the most part strictly definite, too. Surprisingly, concerning the case of the end’s time, a considerable number of these presage-incidents told by the Prophet had already taken place, and thus they have been, no doubts, included ever since in the books of history: Muslims’ conquest of Jerusalem in the seventh century; the Mongolian invasion of the Islamic lands in the thirteenth century; World War II, and the gathering and settling of the Jews in flocks in Palestine during the nineteenth and twentieth century, to establish their State of Israel, are among the most remarkable of such incidents. And yet, of these presage-incidents what we are contemporary with, such as the siege of Iraq during the 1990s and the recent siege of Gaza; while yet others are so neared: a siege to be laid to Egypt, and the retarding of Euphrates’ water that will bring about exposing a gold mount—unknown span of time to come, but expected to take place in the very future. Still to come presage-incidents, on the other hand, include at its climax what seems to be a world war between Christendom and the Islamic World. As consequence of this world war, which seems to be a destructive one, Muslims will meet a disastrous defeat at the beginning of it, but will capture at the end of the war the cities of Rome and New York. This very event will bring in its train the coming out of the Antichrist, the Descent of Jesus Christ and, eventually, the incursion of the world by two savage nations known in Muslims’ tradition as Yajouge and Majouge .
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Published: 14 January 2017
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