Newth III

The 3rd and Last book in the Newth Series. Henry has been lulled in to a false sense of security; since the skirmish on the Island continent, nothing of note had been seen or heard from the Hunki. Unknown to him they have built their forces for a dual strike against Earth and Newth; driven by their hive masters, the forces they commanded had only one objective; destroy humanity, eradicate it from the galaxy.Outnumbered some sixty to one, Henry sets out on a quest to find other life forms; he needs help from someone or something with better technology, technology that would help him defeat the vastly superior forces of the Hunki. What he finds is a hotbed of deceit and worlds populated by people living in conditions that turn his stomach. He sees atrocities that sicken him but strengthens his resolve to take on the Hunki and crush the life out of them. The Hunki were coming but before they could be engaged Henry had to see through the lies of the Worath and determine what part they played in the Hunki war. Outwardly friendly and accommodating, were they working with him or against him? Behind the Hunki was the hive; billions of telepathic beings linked with a single mind, a single purpose; destroy and conquer all in their path. It was all they knew, it was all they had done. The Milky Way galaxy shone like a beacon in their skies, billions of life forms to feed on, millions of worlds to restock their quickly dwindling resources. Their way to victory was through the Hunki; once mankind was eliminated they would turn their attention to their ancient foe, the Pathosian. Was Henry the Pathosian objective? Was he the one predicted by the Pathosian ancients? Did his Pathosian blood give him the power and the ability to defeat the hive? Or would thousands of years planning lie in ruins as the Hive took control of all life in the Galaxy? A vast armada spread over two light years; billions of Huricanas minds and bodies came slowly towards the Galaxy of Earth and Newth. The hive was coming, would Henry and his forces be able to take them on and stop them? Time would tell, time that the Milky Way was quickly running out of.
ISBN: 9781788763905
Type: Paperback
Pages: 478
Published: 8 June 2018
Price: $14.45

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