Of Lice and Men

Not far from where you live, a mere several billion miles away, spins the great moon Maurice Minor. Spinning slowly with the moon is Ade, the landlord of its only pub – The Minor's Arms. Owning a pub is all very fine but Ade's life is about to change, and when it does, he and his best friend Randolf are off on a mission. Ade's: To find the father who deserted his mother. Randolf's: To seek atonement for accidentally killing her. Not a good way to start an adventure, but things can only get worse. With the pub sold, the two friends set out to follow in Ade's father's footsteps, but as neither man has ever been much further than the car park, they are soon lost, weary and hungry. As they meander across an alien landscape, they are joined by Rover and Rufus, two of the meanest dogs with the worst fleas, breath and lice since Lassie passed away. Through all of this, constantly at the back of Ade's mind is the feeling that he's in someone else's tale. He's just one chapter in a story that's already been told.... But maybe not quite like this. This is the true fable of a cruel and long journey that will finally lead them to the Dragon’s Mountain and the heartbreaking end to their quest. It is a story with the breadth and sweep of a dead dog's tail. Some reviews: The New Orc Times – Literary Review: “Lots of small words and some big ones” The Bognor Gazette: “Never heard of it” The California Daily Herald: “Nearly worth one star” Independent Observer: “You've got the wrong number”
ISBN: 9781839451164
Type: Paperback
Pages: 146
Published: 11 December 2019
Price: $10.25

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