Only a Signal Shown

Only a Signal Shown is a long-distance love story set all over the world, from Copenhagen to Darjeeling, from Stellenbosch to Los Angeles, and places beyond, covering three decades. Eleanor falls in love with Alec at university and travels to Nigeria with him, but is forced to give him up because she has to discover what she is truly capable of. She finds success as an artist and publishes sketches of places and people, eventually winning a prestigious international travel award in Kolkata. Meanwhile Alec is married with a family and has embarked on a career in television. They run into each other every few years, and become lovers again. The climax comes when Eleanor is caught up in the South African invasion of Lesotho and runs into a road block when trying to escape.
ISBN: 9781781766972
Type: Paperback
Pages: 297
Published: 1 September 2012
Price: $12.95