Other Worlds Other Words

By Chris A Hunt and Barry Ireland
Eighteen eclectic tales from two masters of the weird and wonderful. Tales of sheer imagination, science fiction and the downright strange, interspaced with titivating, bawdy and plain daft humour guaranteed to make you smile. Thoughtfully crafted stories to enthral and captivate you, some mind-bending, some that will challenge your perceptions of the everyday. Some are set in today’s world, others centuries, even millennia past; tales of past wrongs made good, rampant sentient machines; and, of course, a ghost or two adds a touch of the supernatural. Vastly varying tales that plumb depths and scale towering heights to spellbind and surprise you.
ISBN: 9781835971994
Type: Paperback
Pages: 370
Published: 3 July 2024
Price: $12.95

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