Pool of Deceit

Pool of Deceit features Alistair Fortnam of New Scotland Yard, a brilliant detective who has extensive training in Behavioural Sciences. Fortnam’s had a gilded upbringing, a car-wreck of a marriage (now many miles behind him), and an upward-moving career. We find him in Florida on assignment, and leading an investigation into a sudden death at the Blue Heron Hotel on the idyllic, Anna Maria Island. Diane Lewis is a top sales manager for a pharmaceutical company who has died after eating a calorie-loaded hamburger at the hotel’s swimming pool. Although, it was not cholesterol induced heart attack that killed her, but poisoning of a kind. As D.I. Fortnam interviews the thirteen suspects, the investigation quickly becomes indigestible to him as well. Interestingly, some witnesses have quite different motives as why they may have wished Diane Lewis harm. Unfortunately, identifying their secrets and the guilty party is as tricky as untangling an old set of Christmas lights in a dark attic. Fortnam attempts to sort it all out, and make the right connections...
ISBN: 9781908147981
Type: Paperback
Pages: 319
Published: 21 February 2012
Price: $12.95

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