Public Property

Freya Johnson is back and life is good! Having sold her photography studio in the UK, she’s now living the American dream, engaged to Hollywood film star, Nicholas Kaden. Finally her past is behind her and the only way is up – as long as she’s regularly fed takeaway food! But with a wedding to plan and a whole heap of charity work to organise, she could do without the reappearance of her childhood sweetheart, Jonny Sanders. He’s rich, he’s better looking than she remembers and he reminds her of all those times she’d rather forget. When a flippant comment made during a hospital visit ends up as headline news, suddenly everything is in turmoil and Freya’s life is in danger! Could her past be coming back to haunt her? Who is sending her hate mail? And where the hell are her ‘Wild Wednesday’ pants?
ISBN: 9781782990529
Type: Paperback
Pages: 250
Published: 12 December 2012
Price: $12.65

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