Across Europe and around the world, professionals from all cultural background are sometimes led to leave their homeland to fulfil their ambitions for economic, professional or personal reasons. The job market and the competition in the host countries are often fierce and if knowing several languages is surely an asset, interviewers are foremost looking for people whom English is genuinely operational and consistent. This pragmatic and practical guide addresses the challenges that a non-native speakers can face when handling a face-to-face or telephone interview in English. It will take you through all the areas that will effectively be covered during the job interview and will show you the techniques to answer the questions and how to overcome the obstacles, mistakes and pressure. It will also help you increase your confidence drive through tips and tricks as well as live stories encountered by non-native English professionals.
ISBN: 9781786102898
Type: Paperback
Pages: 60
Published: 16 December 2015
Price: $13.68