SOUL FRAGMENT RETRIEVAL...Your missing puzzle pieces

Soul fragmentation is causing undue harm and suffering to all life forms throughout the Separation Universe. We look at the challenges this presents to a sleeping humanity, as Creation concludes its final preparations for expansion: 'The Inbreath has started. All are being called back to the Heart of Creation, prior to the next Outbreath.' Archangel Metatron, Melchizedek, and The Cosmic Council of Twelve, share much Wisdom and new Knowledge, to enlighten and guide us on our journey back towards Wholeness: 'We wish humanity to know that very little time is left to repatriate lost soul fragments. This will affect what happens to them in the next Outbreath. All those who wish to help themselves will be perfectly guided, and all those who also wish to help others, will be powerfully assisted to achieve this goal.' The Time of The Great Shift is upon us. All are being called to awaken to deeper Truths, Knowledge, and Wisdom. The author is an explorer in the world of metaphysics, with a goal of motivating others to start asking the most important questions: 'How can I create Peace for myself, and for my family? How does this impact on Peace throughout the world?'
ISBN: 9781785106781
Type: Paperback
Pages: 77
Published: 14 April 2015
Price: $6.49