SULTANZ OF SUCK It's Midwinter, and Bath is rockin'. But that's all Wesil's fault, and the Constabulary is welll miffed. The Aesir are geared up for a Bit Of A Ruck, and Pitt's contractors are ready to take on the Home Office. If that wasn't enough, Jason has to meet The Daddy's Chief of Security. When Lucy Emmerson shows her true colours, the Professor's plans to obliterate the Nest are a bit iffy...things couldn't get worse...could they? For Pitt, time is running out. Can Feisty unravel the enigma that is Lowri Attiste? Will the Aesir pull their fingers out? Is Ted getting too touchy-feely with his Knob? Can Dougal and Joel survive as spies, or will Mrs B give Melthus a late breakfast? For the Professor, it's not too much pressure...and there's still one last Spell to do. The Battle for Mankind is underway. And the BBC wants to cover it.
ISBN: 9781781767191
Type: Paperback
Pages: 525
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $14.95

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