Feisty Aardman, PI, is having a bad day. His first client, Lowri Attiste, Wiccan Lady Of Means, has just the job for him. Connie is missing, and it looks like she might be giving someone indigestion. With detectives Park and Feart keeping Professor Pitt busy, his guests are soon causing him problems. But Pitt has bigger issues: the Norse Pantheon have come out to play, and they've brought friends. The Slayer is wondering what he's got himself into, but Lucy Emmerson is more than a distraction...she's a more ways than one. Will the Home Office ruin Pitt's plans or is Jason Denman more than up to the job? With his soul on the line, Scubbers on the run, Joel and Dougal settling back into domestic life and Wesil looking for breakfast, there's no time for a crisis... Enter George, Dai, and Ted. Game on.
ISBN: 9781781767207
Type: Paperback
Pages: 386
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $12.95

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