Searching For Big Carp

Steve Graham has been an angler since the age of eight, and for the last thirty years has fished exclusively for carp. He has caught over 130 carp in excess of forty pounds during this time, but is just as enthusiastic today as he was when he first picked up a rod, all those years ago. Steve fishes both in England and in France, but it is his French angling adventures that he enjoys the most. He doesn`t normally fish on the popular commercial venues in France however, preferring the far lesser known venues, where he is often the only angler on the lake. These venues are much less pressured than the more popular commercial venues, but can often be very challenging. Here the fish don`t have names, and on many of these lakes the stock of carp is not known, and some of these fish have never seen a hook before, which makes the fishing even more exciting. Although the fishing can be very difficult at times, the rewards are there for anyone who dares to persevere, and in this book Steve describes some of his adventures in search of these unknown monsters.
ISBN: 9781803026596
Type: Paperback
Pages: 178
Published: 4 November 2022
Price: $11.95

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