Secret Voyagers Volume Two

Set largely in the twenty-first century and our presently known dimension, this magical fantasy adventure series is for the young (perhaps ten plus) and the young at heart. Those that are young now are more than welcome to grow with the series. Those young at heart please remain so. The ancient family legacy continues… Ben and Toby are gradually discovering the potentials of the vast, yet subtle power they have inherited. Progress is slow, but much as in ordinary life, one has to walk before one can run, or in their case-ensure they are invisible before they fly or shrink, as secrecy is the main key to their overall continuance. As their age and responsibilities increase, their new skills develop, as do their rewards. Yet it goes almost without saying that the same rule applies to the increase of unexpected problems and life-threatening dangers that they encounter.
ISBN: 9781785103650
Type: Paperback
Pages: 291
Published: 3 December 2014
Price: $12.95

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