Sophie - A Trilogy of a Life

Part One: - `Life is about People`. Leaving London to start up a new venture in Tenerife together. A strong bond blossoms between Sophie and Carol. Meeting new and valuable people the unforgettable was to happen, changing their lives forever. Taking the chance to grasp their revenge that is now within their reach. They embark on their North African adventure. Part Two: - `Life at the Bingham’s`. Friendship and family comforts are in abundance at The Bingham’s. Sophie addresses the themes of Love and Loss and the twist of fate that change our lives Birth - Death – Marriage As the months rolled by The Final nail in the coffin is made Part Three: - `Life with Substance`. As the years roll on, and the empire grows. The feeling of being inadequate and not needed begins to take its toll. As one more adventure and a challenge arrives. Sophie and Carol decide to share their wealth. Soon the thought of retirement beckons to a dramatic twist.
ISBN: 9781839454455
Type: Paperback
Pages: 580
Published: 2 October 2020
Price: $14.95

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