Spirits, Demons and Dragons

Two forces have been at war for as long as Time can remember: Spirit and Demon. Only one force has a chance to stop them… Dragons. A high school girl steps into the middle of this ancient war without knowing it. Sakura opens her mother's hopechest hoping to learn more about her family. There are no letters or clothes but ghosts and monsters pop out! Sakura’s mother fights the monsters off and gets sucked into a whole. Sakura follows after them… and the adventure begins. Sakura meets new friends, tames monsters, and fights evil in three different worlds while searching for her parents. She takes it upon herself to uncover the past and accidently unleashes monsters, strange powers, and a portal to other dimensions.
ISBN: 9781782994145
Type: Paperback
Pages: 329
Published: 9 May 2013
Price: $14.00