Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars

Four Teens: One Quest: A World of Magic and Adventure. It was no ordinary zipwire flight. Thrust spinning into the ancient, decaying magical world of Hadrixia, flame-haired Zara Bulmer and her three teenage companions must thwart the evil Dark Ruler of Hadrixia, Xophicus, and his band of brutal Henxmen, in their quest to locate the crimson Stone of Exerith. The fate of the Empire of Hadrixia depends on their success and safe return to exiled Emperor Maximus, director of Star Camp. On their journey the foursome must tangle with vicious creatures like the horn-headed Warnoks and the venomous web-tails of the Tarquids. Will they succumb to the persuasive chants of the fire-loving Brozigs or be mauled to death by the tree-swinging Harnts? The friends join forces with Hadrixian teenager, Quinn, and encounter the kindness of Semyon, an aged wizard potionmaker. Can they outwit the ferocious magical creatures without resorting to the use of violence themselves? Can they avoid detection by Xophicus or will there be a terrifying battle before their quest is complete? Will Zara fulfil the destiny bestowed upon her before the sun sets on the last day of July? Or will the Portwall into Northumberlandia remain sealed, imprisoning the four intrepid teenagers in Hadrixia, consigning them to a future of chaos, destruction, even death? There’s only one way to find out: Welcome to the beleaguered, perilous world of Hadrixia.
ISBN: 9781784079574
Type: Paperback
Pages: 235
Published: 12 August 2014
Price: $12.65

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