Star Jumpers: Vengeful Earth

Four Teens: Quest Two: Hadrixia Burns. Star Camp is more popular than ever but only four teens will be selected to ride the zipwire and transmorph through the Portwall into Hadrixia. And this time Xophicus will be expecting them. As they search the charred Empire for the Stone of Oridonyx, Oscar Jones and his fellow Star Jumpers come face-to-claw with the mischievous Drizlix, wrangle with a disgruntled banshee and are thrust into battle with a toxic, copper-scaled dragon. But they are not alone. They welcome the renewed friendship of Quinn and Sabina and relish a visit to the troglodyte village of the Kolves. They make new friends, too; Otto and Hayden, at the Hadrixian Magical Academy, and Blod, a violet-blue wingless creature, one of the many victims of the despicable cruelty of Xophicus. The clock is ticking. Can Oscar live up to Zara's success? Will the Star Jumpers retrieve the Stone and escape? Or will they become trapped in the darkening realm of malevolence and fear? There's only one way to find out: Welcome to the smouldering, decaying world of Hadrixia.
ISBN: 9781785100789
Type: Paperback
Pages: 242
Published: 17 September 2014
Price: $12.89

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